The author of an anonymous article about the “resistance movement” in the White House revealed his identity

The former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs admitted to the authorship of notorious articles and books criticizing President Trump.

Miles Taylor, a former senior official at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, admitted on Wednesday that he was the anonymous author of the notorious article about the “resistance group” to President Donald Trump in the White House, which was published by the New York Times in 2018, as well as the subsequent book “Warning”, criticizing Trump.

Miles Taylor decided to finally reveal his identity in order to encourage Americans to vote against Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Taylor, who ran the Department of Homeland Security apparatus until 2019, wrote a sensational article without authorship, calling Trump an “immoral, petty and ineffective” leader. He revealed his identity on Wednesday in a statement posted on Medium, a popular platform for online publications.

“We [U.S. citizens] alone have to decide how [Trump’s] behavior justifies his continued tenure, and we have an important decision to make because our choice is… will affect our future for years to come,” Taylor writes. “That’s why he doesn’t deserve a second term and we don’t deserve to go through the same thing again.

White House spokeswoman Kaylie McEnani called Taylor a “liar and coward who chose anonymity over action and leaks information over leadership.

Taylor, who called himself a member of the “resistance” movement in the Trump administration in an anonymous New York Times article, also publicly criticized the president.

The article and the book A Warning that followed caused a brief spike in attention to the issues raised by ‘anonymous’, but soon several former Trump associates published their books, which contained both criticism and praise for the president. At the same time, the authors of these books did not hide their identities.

Alissa Farah, White House communications director, reacted to Miles Taylor’s recognition as a tweet with many smileys expressing disappointment. For many months, many administration officials suspected that Taylor was the author of the scandalous publication and book.

“I rolled my eyes so hard that I almost fell,” Farah wrote in her tweet, “paraphrasing Andy Warhol: in the future, anyone can become a senior member of the administration for 15 minutes.