“The best grandmother in the world”: A neighbor killed an old woman because she sunbathed naked

Olivo Mildred, 71, and her partner, Timothy Darnell Hanson, 54, were presumably shot by Andrei Kot, a neighbor of a woman she had been at war with for more than ten years.

The police arrived at the crime scene after being informed of three shotgun shots at 4413 Mossy Rock Court in downtown Las Vegas – and they found a terrible scene in Olivo’s backyard. The authorities believe that the Cat shot at Hanson and Olivo through a low brick wall built between the houses, and when he saw the wounded Hanson, who was still moving, he shot again. The man said he grabbed the gun because Hanson allegedly shouted at him through the wall. Andrey Kot, serves as a pastor in the Iglesia Bautista de Fe y Amor Baptist Church, according to the voicemail of the church, and lives with his wife and 3 children. At the moment, the suspect is in the Clark County Detention Center without the possibility of depositing bail.

Great-grandmother Olivo often told her friends about a neighbor who was harassing her, said the woman’s grandson, Roman. The neighboring feud led to numerous calls to the police on both sides. Of these, 7 were this year, with the last on the day of the murder. This time, the Cat complained that Olivo was spraying him and one of his children with a garden hose. In addition, the Cat often shouted at a woman who had a habit of sunbathing naked, and demanded to get dressed. In response, Olivo reminded him that he had the right to privacy. According to Roman, Olivo loved music and chatting with friends, and was looking forward to parties at which she danced a lot. These parties were another cause of dissatisfaction with a neighbor who contacted the police with several complaints about noise. According to the arrest report, the Cat did not name specific motives and only said that he was scared when Hanson started screaming. Then the Cat allegedly grabbed a shotgun by pulling the trigger.

On the day of her death, Olivo was in the jacuzzi in her backyard, when the Cat supposedly started yelling at her again through the brick wall – demanding to get dressed, as his little daughter was in the yard. Hanson began yelling at the man in response, and when the situation grew tense, he decided to take up the shotgun. The man shot Olivo with Hanson in the head and did not deny that he shot Timothy again because he was still moving. After that, the Cat led the reaper into the house and called the police. When authorities ransacked Kot’s house, they found a shotgun in the house and three cartridges in the backyard. A video of the surveillance cameras confirmed that Olivo and Hanson were yelling at Kota from their yard. The video also confirmed that the Cat shot both victims.