The best time has come for a flight to Mars: three countries will start right away

Many space agencies around the world seek to capitalize on successful interplanetary time by embarking on flights to Mars.

According to The Hill, the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates plan to send spacecraft to the Red Planet this month, since alignment of the two planets relative to each other will significantly optimize flight.

The publication attributes various political, scientific and economic motives to each of the three space agencies departing for Mars this month.

While all three missions are designed to gather valuable scientific data that could lead to important discoveries, The Hill says China is also hoping to consolidate its role as a major space player, and that the UAE is undergoing an economic transition from oil production to scientific technical progress.

The UAE mission involves the Hope orbiter, which will study the atmosphere of Mars for at least two years. The US and China will land rovers on the surface of the planet to collect soil samples.