11 months ago

The Big Bang Theory star has not watched a single episode of the series

11 months ago

It is incredible, but true – you can star in one of the most popular comedies of our time for ten years and still not watch a single episode. All this is about Mayam Bialik – the performer of the role of Amy Farah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, the luminary of the science of neurobiology and love interest of Sheldon Cooper.

But the point is not that she does not like the series and what it has turned into in recent seasons – just the girl does not like to look at herself in the frame. In addition, she already knows how it will end – so why all this? About this and much more, the actress said in an interview with Metro.

Even a year after the end, the people’s love for the series knows no bounds – it was not for nothing that HBO Max laid out $ 1 billion for the right to own it. There has even even been talk of reuniting the heroes – at least as part of a special episode, however, according to Bialik, this will not happen in the near future for many reasons. Without going into details, she called them “legal aspects”, noting also the general employment of all actors.

Well, nothing, the return of the “Friends” is waiting for almost 20 years. You look, and Bialik herself will have the desire and the opportunity to see if not all 279 episodes of the cult series, then at least a couple of seasons before her own appearance there (if you can’t overcome yourself in any way).

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