The black triangle UFO puzzle

9 months ago

In the large-scale mystery of the UFO phenomenon, there is another: Why are there so many reports associated with strange triangular ships, often described as dark, almost silent, the size of a football field? And why do so many witnesses talk about hovering or moving slowly flying machines that disappear without a trace? History in Huge, Hovering and Silent: The Mystery of ‘Black Triangle’ UFOs writes that some consider the “black triangles” a top-secret American spy plane, others wonder if these objects could be of other origin.

After the US Air Force coined the term “unidentified flying object” in 1952, reports often refer to UFOs that look like flying saucers. But witnesses describe many other forms as well: saucers (or two plates stacked together), eggs, hats, cigars, boomerangs, light bulbs, and Tik-Tacs. The most commonly cited shapes are V-shaped, arrowhead-like and triangle-like objects. David Marler, UFO researcher and author of Triangular UFOs: An Assessment of the Situation, has reviewed over 17,000 cases involving unidentified triangular ships. Whether the targets are advanced American spy planes (as many have suggested) or something of unknown origin, their purpose is unclear. Given the constant freeze, Marler said they might be doing “watching, scanning, or analyzing topography.” “There have been many instances of these targets being sighted at US Air Force Strategic Command bases,” says Chris Mellon, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence under the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. Mellon has analyzed unconventional threats to American security and is now working on the program “The Unidentified: A History of American UFOs.”

International phenomenon

In the 1950s and 1970s, reports of triangular UFOs appeared not only in the United States, but also in other countries. In the 1960s, at the height of UFO fever amid the ongoing Cold War, mysterious flying triangles were noted over Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, as well as London, Madrid and Czechoslovakia. In 1969, two National Guard pilots chased a “50-foot triangular object” for 20 minutes over San Juan, Puerto Rico, until they ran out of fuel and had to return to base. Many of these incidents, but not all, are attributed to officials as atmospheric phenomena, weather balloons, or other mundane phenomena.

Between 1983 and 1986, there was a spike in UFO sightings in New York’s Hudson Valley, about 80 km north of New York. One of the witnesses, Kevin Soravilla, a retired lieutenant with the Yorktown Police Department, described a huge, silent object, a kilometer long from wing to wing, hovering low, then turning 45 degrees, and then abruptly out of sight. Soravilla said he called Stewart Air Force Base in nearby Newburgh to see if one of their C-5 transport planes, then the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world, was taking off that night and received a negative response. Later that year, a huge triangular UFO hovering over a section of Taconic Road in New York caused a giant traffic jam as dozens of motorists stopped to get a better view of the object. Similar incidents continued in the region for several years.

The black triangle UFO puzzle

Objects that exceed the capabilities of conventional aviation

Witnesses talk about the incredible possibilities of the objects. One evening in late November 1989, two patrol officers in Eupen, Belgium, near the border with Germany, noticed a strange triangular object overhead. In the days that followed, hundreds of Belgians reported similar UFOs, described in the news as a “triangular object with a bright red central spotlight” or as a “flying platform” with three huge spotlights.

In March 1990, the Belgian Air Force sent two F-16 fighters to get a closer look at one of the triangles, which was seen on radar. Their on-board computers recorded the object’s incredible maneuverability and its ability to accelerate from 1000 km to 1800 km per hour in a matter of seconds. “The speed that the computers registered has exceeded the capabilities of conventional aviation,” a Belgian Air Force colonel told reporters.

In March 1997, the city of Phoenix (Arizona) became another hotspot for UFO students: about 30 thousand local residents recorded a strange object in the sky. Some reports said the mysterious flying machine was V-shaped, but many described it as triangular. “It was in the shape of a triangle with three spotlights. Moved very slowly, ”said the 11-year-old boy scout. According to the retired pilot, the object “was about the size of 25 airliners … and made no sound.” Other witnesses reported that the UFO was about the size of three football fields.

In 2000, police from neighboring municipalities in southern Illinois were called in to investigate a truck driver’s report of an enormous two-story building and the size of a football field, an arrowhead-shaped flying machine hovering low in the sky. According to the dispatchers’ records, law enforcement officers experienced a real shock from what they saw.

The National UFO Reporting Center, which has recorded nearly 8,100 triangular UFO sightings since the early 1960s, reports more than 200 such objects recorded in the first half of 2020.

The Truth About Triangles

Many of these sightings have been repeatedly investigated by UFO specialists. The Belgian triangles have been explained as stars, planets, balloons, airships, and mass hallucinations. The lights over Phoenix are thought to be signal flares fired during a National Guard exercise, although many question this explanation. It is believed that UFOs in New York are nothing more than a trick of local pilots flying in a group.

One of the explanations says about the “airship effect”. According to this theory, people observing unrelated lights in the sky can give the impression that they are all part of the same object. Three lights? It must be a triangular spaceship. Three fires hundreds of meters apart? Probably just a huge triangular spaceship. Other theories relate to top-secret aircraft. While the US government is largely silent on the matter, it is common knowledge that the Air Force has experimented with triangular and V-shaped aircraft for decades, including the B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber, others may also be under development. in secret from everyone. Observations near the secret test site at Area 51 in Nevada may indeed be related to test flights of some of these vehicles.

However, the unusual size described by many witnesses is puzzling. And for Marler and others, the number of sightings and constant hovering of flying objects, combined with inexplicable sudden accelerations, cannot be associated with known military technology.

But if the “triangles” are not American planes, then what are they? According to one theory, flying vehicles are collecting information about important objects. UFOs in southern Illinois have been sighted within 1.5-3 km of Scott Air Force Base, home to the US Air Force Transport Command, which coordinates the global movement of US troops. UFOs in the Hudson Valley have been spotted in the vicinity of Stuart Air Force Base. Mellon spoke with Gulf War veterans who have observed a triangular flying machine near important targets, and they said, “An adversary planning a future attack would like to study every inch of the future battlefield.”

The mystery of the black triangle has never been revealed. “There is a lot of information,” says Marler. “But they cannot be called the answer to the question.”

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