The blessed sky of Be’er Sheva

2 weeks ago

The police claim that pedestrians and drivers were not unconcerned during the “harvest.” Women in pajamas ran out into the streets and collected the falling bills. Police estimate that citizens made a profit of about 50,000 shekels.

Roy Reichenstein, a detective with the Be’er Sheva task force, said that a great many residents disappeared with the money to an unknown destination. Only when the police arrived did they begin to return the money. Roy was riding in his car when a bus stopped in front of them, the bus driver got out, raked up a wad of money and drove on.

“It was a carpet of 50 and 200 shekel bills,” Roy said. “We spent about 15 minutes trying to determine where it was coming from. Then the townspeople brought us a big bag so we could stack the money. In all the 13 years I’ve been a police officer, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

As of today, the police have only one complaint from a man who claims that 150,000 shekels “flew out” of his car. The police say that in such a case, about 50,000 shekels have settled in the pockets of the townspeople.

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