The brave cat chased the elephant thief out of the garden

In Thailand, a brave cat drove a huge elephant out of the yard. The huge animal had to flee, according to the Mirror. A funny incident was caught on a CCTV camera.

The other day, a four-ton elephant named Pai wandered into the courtyard of a local resident in search of food, but was resolutely rebuffed by Simba’s cat.

“The elephant lives in the forest, but at night it often makes its way to houses in search of food. People already know him. The owner of the house admitted that his cat is quite aggressive and does not allow other animals to enter its territory, ”said one of the local residents.

As a result, the elephant had to flee. Despite its impressive size, he did not come into conflict with Simba and hastily left foreign territory. The footage of the elephant’s flight appeared on the Web.