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The British police did not find cases of punishment for the death of blacks over 50 years

The British police did not find cases of punishment for the death of blacks over 50 years

There have been no examples of punishment by the police for killing black citizens in British judicial practice over the past 50 years. This was reported by The Guardian on Thursday, June 11.

Journalists of the publication analyzed trials in cases of abuse of authority by police since 1969. It turned out that none of the perpetrators suffered serious punishment.

For example, in 1988, a former British Army paratrooper Christopher Alder was detained for law enforcement and taken to a police station in Halle. Security cameras removed police bullying of a man who later died. The video shows how the detainee lies motionless on the floor for 10 minutes, and smiling policemen are standing next to him. Three years later, the case was closed, because the court decided that the inaction of the officers could not be called the cause of death of a suffocated man. All the defendants in the case were acquitted.

In 2011, Kingsley Burrell died at the Birmingham Police Department. The investigation found that the death of a man was significantly affected by the conditions of his detention. Three officers held accountable for a sworn lie were found not guilty.

In 2017, Darren Cumberbatch was severely beaten with a club, after which the man died. The investigation recognized the actions of the police as excessive, but none of the police officers was ever held accountable.

The Guardian also notes that three percent of the UK population is black. Moreover, the proportion of deaths of representatives of this category of citizens at the hands of the police reaches eight percent.

It was previously reported that a crowd of protesters demolished a monument to slave trader Edward Colston in British Bristol and drowned him in the river. The footage shows how supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement with the help of ropes threw a bronze statue of the XIX century from the pedestal, and then threw it into the water. What was happening was accompanied by shouts and applause.

A wave of protests swept the United States, Britain, France and other countries of the world after the death of black guard George Floyd as a result of a police arrest in the US Minneapolis. He used a strangulation against an African American.

Activists of the movement against violence against blacks Black Lives Matter (“Black lives are important”) took to the streets of dozens of cities. Riots broke out, which were accompanied by vandalism, looting and robbery. During the clashes, several policemen were injured.

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