The brother of the deceased George Floyd called on the protesters to peace

11 months ago

The brother of the deceased African American, George Floyd, Terrence, called on demonstrators to rally across the country to peace.

It is reported by Reuters.

On June 1, Terrence came to the center of Minneapolis, to the place where the policeman had previously stepped on his brother’s neck, as a result of which he died.

He put on a mask with the face of his brother, George, and called on protesters across the country for justice and calm.

He made such a statement amid growing protests throughout the country that grew into riots and acts of vandalism.

Terrence honored his brother’s memory with a moment of silence at a monument of flowers installed by people. After that, he addressed the crowd through a megaphone.

“I understand that you are all upset. But I doubt that you are at least half as upset as I … I know that brother would not want you to do all this. Please be peaceful, ”said Floyd.

Recall, on May 28, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) protests and clashes with law enforcement agencies broke out. On the night of May 29, protesters in Minneapolis burned down a police station.

On May 30, a number of protesters staged pogroms in stores. Already on June 1, protests after the murder by police of black American George Floyd swept the whole country. Also, protests took place in Berlin and London.

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