4 months ago

The captain of the burned yacht was accused of manslaughter of 34 dead passengers

4 months ago

The captain of the dive boat Conception, which burnt down last year, is charged with manslaughter of 34 people who died in the fire.

The California Central District Attorney’s Office reported that the captain of the Conception yacht, which caught fire off the California coast last year, was charged with 34 counts of murder.

Prosecutors say that 67-year-old Jerry Nehl Boylan “was responsible for the safety and security of the vessel, its crew and passengers. The indictment states that Boylan caused the deaths “due to his misconduct, negligence and lack of attention to his duties.

The boat caught fire on September 2, 2019, anchored off Santa Cruz Island, about 20 miles off the coast in the Santa Barbara area. Five crew members, including Boylan, were able to escape, and 33 passengers and one crew member sleeping under deck were killed. The flames could have been caused by cell phones and batteries that were charged at night – a tragedy that a night watchman could have prevented, National Security Council transport investigators said in October.

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