The Catholic Church of England accused of covering up harassment of minors

The British Independent Commission of Inquiry into Sexual Harassment of Minors (IICSA) has published a report in which it accused the English Catholic Church of covering up crimes by priests

The organization’s experts indicated that from 1970 to 2015, the church received more than 900 complaints about approximately 3 thousand cases of sexual harassment of minors. More than 900 people could have been involved in these crimes, including priests and monks.

The commission argues that church leaders have been negligent in handling information about alleged sex offenses. “For decades, the Catholic Church has prioritized its reputation above the well-being of vulnerable children,” the report noted.

For all these years, according to IICSA, 177 cases were initiated related to sexual violence against children. The courts passed 133 sentences. However, according to the commission, the necessary decisive measures to protect minors were not taken.

Especially criticized by the specialists of the school at the abbeys in Amplefort, Doutside and Ealing, where the manifestations of cruelty to children by monks and teachers were regularly hushed up. In these institutions, according to IICSA, there was a “culture of acceptance” of violence.

The report also criticizes the highest levels of the Catholic Church, including the Vatican and its canon law. “The description of sexual abuse of children as the canonical crime of ‘adultery’ is incorrect, it minimizes the criminal nature of the violence committed against the victims,” the document says.

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