11 months ago

The Chinese government’s Medradnik admitted that the government initially underestimated COVID-19 statistics

11 months ago

The authorities in the city of Wuhan, where the first coronavirus outbreak occurred, initially kept silent key details about the extent of the outbreak. Zhong Nanshan, senior medical advisor to the Chinese government, said in an interview with CNN

On January 20, it was Jun who confirmed that the coronavirus could be transmitted between people, after Wuhan’s health authorities had been claiming for weeks that there was no clear evidence of transmission from person to person,” the publication wrote.

It is noted that he led a team of experts sent to investigate the initial outbreaks, Joon visited Wuhan January 18. He said he received many calls from doctors and former students after his visit, warning him that the situation was much worse than official reports.

“Local authorities did not like to tell the truth at the time. In the beginning they were silent, and then I said, apparently, we have (a lot of) people infected,” Jun said.

He said he became suspicious when the number of officially registered cases in Wuhan remained 41 for more than 10 days – despite infections occurring abroad.

“I did not believe this result, so I kept asking,” he said.

Two days later in Beijing, January 20, he was told the total number of cases in Wuhan was 198, three people died and 13 health workers were infected.

On the same day, in a meeting with central government officials, including Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, he proposed blocking Wuhan to contain the virus.

This was an unprecedented move. On January 23, the central government decided to close Wuhan, cancelling all flights, trains and buses in and out of the city and blocking major highway entrances.

Recall that as of 6:00 on Sunday, the total number of deaths due to the infection caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the world is 311 781 people. In turn, 169,3197 people have recovered. There are 4634068 infected people in total in the world.

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