The company threw a quarantine removal party and became infected with COVID-19

In the United States, a group of friends threw a party to lift restrictions on coronavirus infection.

As a result, 16 people were infected with COVID-19.

The incident occurred in Jacksonville, Florida.

Friends decided to meet after a long break in communication and celebrate the end of quarantine.

During the party, its participants did not observe social distance. In addition, no one put on a mask.

As a result, all 16 people who attended the festival became infected with the coronavirus.

The institution in which the party was held is closed for disinfection. Pub management intends to test all employees for COVID-19.

If among the employees of the institution there are infected with coronavirus, the pub is unlikely to resume work in the near future.

Party participants admit that they were reckless, and note that shops and cafes are open in the US too early.

Infected people urge people to follow preventive measures, wear medical masks and follow the rules of social distance.