The conspiracy theory of “fake” Melania Trump has gained popularity again due to the new photo of the first lady

The conspiracy theory, according to which Donald Trump uses the services of an understudy who pretends to be his wife during the couple’s release, is gaining popularity again – because of the photo in which Melania allegedly does not look like herself

The hashtag #FakeMelania has caught the attention of social media for a photo of the president and first lady boarding Marine One on the south lawn of the White House. The pair were heading to the Nashville presidential debate and made their first public appearance together after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. After analyzing the photo, supporters of the conspiracy theory came to the conclusion that Melania smiles on it differently than usual, and the structure of the teeth is different from what was in other pictures. This, they said, confirms that this is not the first time Trump has used a backup during a rally – since Melania does not like to accompany him on campaign trips.

While some have taken quite seriously the theory, which first surfaced online back in 2017, for most users it has become a joke. “I never believed in #FakeMelania, but it’s clear that the photo is 100% someone else, because here she is looking at the Christmas tree with love,” director Zach Bornstein joked, hinting at the audio recording of the first lady’s telephone conversation. during which she spoke unflatteringly about Christmas.

“I’m not an expert, but her hair looks different,” another user joked, accompanying his post with a joint photo of Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

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