The court ordered Snowden to pay the US $ 4.2 million

A federal court in Virginia ordered the former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden to transfer to the US authorities $ 4.2 million received for the book “Personal File” and speeches, writes Bloomberg.

It is noted that Snowden did not agree on the manuscript on work in the intelligence services, which requires an agreement with the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Judge Liam O’Grady considered the failure to comply with this rule as a violation of his obligations.

Earlier, CNN, citing Snowden’s lawyer, reported that the former US intelligence officer had agreed to give up the $ 5 million he received from the sale of the book “Personal File” and public appearances. The disclosure of the information contained in it violates the terms of Snowden’s contract with the US intelligence services.

Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden handed over to the American media a number of classified materials about the surveillance programs of the US and UK intelligence services on the network. Russia granted Snowden temporary asylum in 2013 on the condition that he cease his activities against the United States.