The Czech Republic warned of the threat of a third world war

Czech military intelligence warned of the threat of a third world war. This is stated in the report of the department for 2019, which was published on Tuesday, November 10.

It is noted that now the global conflict “is at the first stage.” “The worldview of those who can and wish to actively participate in it [the conflict] is being formed, and the technological tools with which it could be controlled are gradually being determined,” the authors of the report say. According to analysts, a possible cause of the conflict is the rivalry between the United States, Russia and China.

The document also talks about the decline in the importance of international law due to the lack of a peaceful dialogue as a way to resolve contradictions. The authors of the report emphasize that the manipulation of public consciousness also contributes to the growth of tension.

Earlier, the head of the British Defense Staff, General Nick Carter, said that global political instability and the economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a third world war. “We live at a time when the world appears to be very hectic and unstable, not to mention the familiar global competition between countries. Given how many local conflicts are unfolding across the planet, the risk of escalation due to miscalculation is quite real, ”Carter said.