The deceased was not allowed to attend his own funeral

The deceased was not allowed to attend his own funeral

Che Lewis, 29, and his 54-year-old father, Eldey Lewis, were shot dead at their home on November 15.

The killed resident of the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, was not allowed to go to church for his own funeral. He was embalmed in a sitting position and placed on a chair.

Dressed in a pink jacket and white pants, the dead man was carried on a chair across the capital to a church in the nearby Diego Martin. Passers-by stopped in stupor at a surreal mourning procession.

But when Che’s body arrived at the church, the servants were surprised at what they saw and did not let him in. The dead man was left to sit outside. Some of the funeral participants did not recognize Che and criticized him for not wearing a mask. They did not understand that the man was not breathing.

The owner of the funeral agency Dennie said that his motto is “Every life is unique, so the funeral must be unique”. He explained why Che was put in a chair: “The family asked for it. This request was not a surprise for us, because we know that such funerals are held abroad.

For unusual funerals, the agency faces a fine of 6.8 thousand dollars (75.3 thousand rubles) from Trinidad and Tobago. Police officer Brent Batson said: “We are disappointed with the irresponsible behavior initiated by Denny’s funeral agency.

Eventually, Che’s body was placed in a coffin and buried next to his father.