The director of “One House” believes that making a remake is a waste of time

Chris Columbus shared his views on Disney+’s plans to remake “One Home”. The director of a cult Christmas comedy believes that this is a waste of time.

Chris Columbus is not involved in a planned rethinking of his 1990 favorite movie. The famous director, who has made several iconic Hollywood children’s movies, including the first two about Harry Potter and Mrs. Doutfire, says the Disney + studio has not contacted him about the planned remake of “One Home”.

“And as far as I understand, this is a waste of time. What’s the point of it? I firmly believe that it is not worth making remakes of films that have remained popular for so long. It’s not worth reinventing the bike – it just won’t happen,” he said in an interview with Insider.

In August 2019, Disney’s former president, Bob Eiger, said the company’s streaming website will feature several “rethinking” classic films, including One Home, Night at the Museum and Wholesale Cheaper.