The dog escaped from Kansas and walked 70 km to the old house in Missouri

The family’s dog from Kansas went missing for several days. It turns out that she went to an old house in Missouri, located 70 km.

Labrador Cleo went missing in Olata, Kansas, and her owners found a 4-year-old dog in a place they didn’t expect: an old house in Lawson, Missouri. The family moved almost 2 years ago, but Cleo managed to find her old place of residence, where she was found by the new homeowner Colton Michael.

“Cleo was lying on the front porch by the front door, just waiting for someone she knew,” he noted.

Cleo was not wearing a collar, but she was too well-groomed to be a stray, Michael thought. Fortunately, he found a microchip on it with the owner’s name. He tracked down the owners through Facebook, and they were very surprised where their dog got to.