The dog warned the owner about the fire in the neighboring house with a “desperate bark” and saved the family

For residents of Franklin (Tennessee) July 4 could end in tragedy, but it was prevented by a decisive rescue dog – when it warned the owner of a fire in a nearby building and saved the family sleeping there.

Roux, a three-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, began to “bark” and deafeningly, sitting at the front door of her owner’s house, Jeff LeCates. When Jeff looked out into the street to find out what was happening, Roux jumped out and rushed to the neighbor’s house, where a family of 3 lived. Following him, LeKates saw that the building was engulfed in fire.

Fortunately, the dog woke up Jeff in time – and he managed to wake up the neighbors. When they got out, the man grabbed a garden hose and extinguished the flame until firefighters arrived. According to the fire department, the cause of the fire was the fireworks thrown out by the owners of the house about an hour before the incident. Ironically, Ru and LeKates would never have found each other if it weren’t for the woman living next door. She helped Jeff adopt a dog just 15 months ago – without even knowing that he would save her life.