The DOJ confirmed al-Qaeda’s connection to the Florida air base murders

12 months ago

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that Saudi military Muhammad al-Shamrani, who killed three people at the U.S. Pensacola Air Force Base, had ties to the terrorist network al-Qaeda.

According to the present Barra, law enforcement agencies have gained access to the suspect’s smartphone, where the information about his connection with the terrorists was stored.

Recall that in early December 2019, as a result of shooting at a military base in Florida, three people were killed, eight others were injured and the shooter was killed. Later, it was discovered that Muhammad Said Al Shamrani, a Saudi Arabian military trainee, had opened the fever. After the incident, the Pentagon indefinitely abandoned operational training for all Saudi military personnel.

The DOJ confirmed al-Qaeda's connection to the Florida air base murders

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has not ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack on Florida Air Base.

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