The driver is no longer needed: Elon Musk announced a full autopilot

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced the imminent appearance of a fully autonomous car. He made such a statement at the conference on artificial intelligence in Shanghai.

According to Mask, Tesla is on the verge of creating autonomous control technology of the 5th level, and he is absolutely confident in success. The new statement by the head of Tesla was a continuation of the February promise of Mask that his company would build a full-fledged drone by the end of 2020. True, the head of Tesla clarified that he had in mind the basic functionality for autonomy of the 5th level.

The fifth – the highest – level of autonomy, which Musk talks about, implies not only independent movement of the car in accordance with the SDA without human intervention on public roads, but also full control of the car in difficult road and weather conditions. However, for the full participation of such cars in traffic, legislative changes will be required in each country where drones can be operated.

Despite the traditional skepticism regarding Mask’s striking statements, his company continues to skyrocket. As of July 1, Tesla has become the most expensive automaker with a market capitalization of $ 209 billion. The recent leader of the race – Toyota Motors Corp – was in second place with an indicator of $ 204 billion.