The driver on the spot deprived himself of his reproductive organ and threw it out the car window

A man chased by police in Tennessee, USA, cut off his penis and threw it out the window of his Honda Accord

The 39-year-old driver claimed he had been told to do so by the radio. According to his version, it was supposed to “save the world.”

The driver on the spot deprived himself of his reproductive organ and threw it out the car window

A Tennessee State Patrol trooper spotted the exposed Cookeville resident behind the wheel of his car. In an attempt to stop him, the policeman had to give chase. The 39-year-old American refused to slow down and kept driving. Blood was seen on his body.

“When I turned on my blinker and went after him, he decided not to stop, but to pull away from me. For a moment he stopped in the street, opened the door, closed it again and continued driving. The man was naked and covered in blood,” Patrolman Bobby Johnson noted.

Officers from six different law enforcement agencies were called in to catch the fugitive. Officers were able to take him in a ring and apply road spikes that rammed the wheels of his vehicle. Eventually Tyson Gilbert was able to catch up and detain him on a highway in Dowelltown and then hand him over to medics for examination. The Vanderbilt University Center confirmed that the man had cut off his sex organ. According to the victim, he was ordered to do it by radio to “save the world.” Gilbert threw the severed flesh right out the window of his car as he went.

It is known that the man was previously convicted and arrested for attempted theft of 4 cars in Cookeville, including a 2020 Audi A5, Audi Q3 and Nissan Rouge, as well as a 2019 Chevy Malibu. During his arrest, he resisted police and was arrested on three counts. Gilbert was later released on $61,000 bail. At this time, the investigation into the penile amputation incident is ongoing. It is not known whether medics were able to locate and sew the severed organ back into place.