The Eiffel Tower reopened to tourists, but there are nuances

As of today, the Eiffel Tower is re-opened to visitors in Paris. However, since July 21, tourists will only be able to get there with a COVID-certificate of vaccination.

“The Eiffel Tower opens today and looks forward to welcoming visitors,” according to the tower’s official website.

It is noted that until July 20 anyone may visit it, but from July 21 tourists over 18 years old will be required to have a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus.

In addition, children over 11 years will be required to wear masks. Tourists are also required to maintain a social distance.

The press service adds that the number of visitors will be limited by 50%. In a day the tower will be able to accept no more than 13 thousand guests.

Recall that because of the coronavirus pandemic the Eiffel Tower was closed in March 2020, after which it was resumed in July, but in October it was closed again because of a new wave of COVID-19.