The electoral college has confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election

The electoral college has confirmed Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election

The Electoral College has confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election by a majority vote. This was reported by CNN.

The last state of Hawaii has given its votes to Joe Biden, with the Democrat garnering 306 Electoral College votes.

According to the broadcaster, 302 electors voted for Biden. The counting of the votes has not yet been completed. Biden needs 270 votes to win – the Democratic candidate crossed that threshold after the Electoral College meeting in California.

For the Republican candidate, incumbent US President Donald Trump, 232 votes were cast as of 5:30pm North American Eastern Time (1:30am, 15 December Moscow time).

On 14 December, members of the electoral college voted for US presidential candidates in each of the US states. By default, the electors (538 in total) vote in accordance with the election result in their state. However, in the US, there is the concept of a faithless elector who does not vote in accordance with the outcome of the election in their state. In the 2016 presidential election, for example, two electors in Texas voted for candidates other than Trump, who won the election. A total of 10 such cases were recorded at the time.

The electoral votes are expected to arrive in Washington by 23 December. On 6 January 2021, the votes will be counted in a joint session of the US Senate and House of Representatives. The inauguration of the president-elect will take place on 20 January.

The US presidential election was held on 3 November, a few days later leading US media outlets gave victory to Joe Biden. Donald Trump has not officially conceded defeat. He has repeatedly claimed “electoral fraud” and his team has filed dozens of lawsuits demanding recounts in key states. Meanwhile, all the states where the incumbent challenged Biden’s victory cast all their electoral votes for the Democrat.

In late November, Trump told reporters that he would leave the White House if the Electoral College voted for Joe Biden. He also recommended that the General Services Administration and his team begin the process of handing over power.