The era of normalization. Pakistan’s turn

The era of normalization. Pakistan's turn

Pakistan has “begun secret normalization talks” with Israel, MEMO reported, citing the Hebrew website and Israeli political sources. It is alleged that a British Airways flight with Syed Bukhari, an adviser to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, landed at Ben Gurion International Airport on November 20.

“Buhari flew from Islamabad to London and then to Tel Aviv,” sources said. “He was warmly welcomed and escorted directly to the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Jerusalem.”

The Pakistani official reportedly conveyed a message from Khan, who “made a strategic decision to begin political and diplomatic negotiations with Israel.” Bukhari stayed in Israel for several days, during which time he met with Mossads agency head Yossi Cohen and handed him a secret letter.

The website claims that “Islamabad is now seeking to begin a dialogue with Israel on normalizing relations to help in Pakistan’s relations with India, while taking advantage of the atmosphere created by the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE and negotiations for a similar move by Saudi Arabia.”