The ex-cop who killed an African-American in Atlanta, faces life

11 months ago

Atlanta’s district attorney has filed 11 charges with former police officer Garrett Rolfe, which include intentional murder and life imprisonment.

“District attorney Paul Howard has filed 11 charges against Garrett Rolfe, who shot three times at Reichard Brooks five days ago, two of which hit a man, and another one into a car with three people inside,” the report said.

One of the official charges involves a life sentence for the murder.

According to the prosecutor, the policeman after falling into an African-American did not rush to give him first aid and even “kicked” Brooks when he fought for his life.

Recall: the incident in Atlanta occurred last week. Police arrived at a call to a local restaurant, where they found a drunk African American in his car. After confirming the state of alcoholic intoxication, the officers began to carry out the procedure for detaining the man, but he escaped, took possession of the stun gun of the police and when he fled, shot from this device in the direction of the officers. In response, police opened fire on a man.

The incident occurred amid a wave of protests in the United States in connection with the death of another African American, 46-year-old George Floyd.

The US Congress is currently considering two bills on US police reform.

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