The expert named the best ways to prevent a hangover

The expert named the best ways to prevent a hangover

To prevent a hangover, it is necessary to drink water before drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as to alternate it with alcohol. Nick Heard, a National Health Service expert and hydration specialist, named the appropriate ways.

However, as Heard added, after the celebration it is worth refraining from drinking plenty of water, so that frequent trips to the bathroom do not interfere with the body to sleep. Otherwise, the state in the morning will be much worse.

Also, the specialist advised not to mix alcohol with carbonated drinks, as they badly affect the absorption of alcohol. In addition, coffee greatly dehydrates the body, he warned. According to Heard, the most important rule remains the one known to all – snack while drinking alcohol.

In case a hangover does occur, good sleep and exercise can help. To cope with nausea, you can make yourself a drink with ginger, the expert concluded.

The day before experts stated that among alcoholic beverages, the strongest hangover causes whiskey. The reaction of the body may be affected by the intensity of color of the drink: colorless alcohol is more easily tolerated. Thus, one of the factors influencing the deterioration of human condition, called the various impurities, which help to give color and taste to alcohol.

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