The expert spoke about the “serious split” in NATO because of the S-400

The expert spoke about the "serious split" in NATO because of the S-400

The dispute between Turkey and the United States over Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems leads to a serious split in NATO. This opinion was expressed by an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists Andrei Koshkin in an interview with RT.

So he commented on the initiative of US Senator John Thune, who introduced an amendment to the US defense budget, proposing to buy the S-400 from Turkey.

“Clarification of relations between Turkey and the United States over the S-400 has become a precedent for the whole of NATO: a member of the alliance is armed with the weapons that are produced and are in service with the state against which all their systems are built in NATO. This leads to a very serious split: after all, Turkey is one of the most powerful states of the alliance militarily, ”the analyst said.

According to him, Senator Thune’s initiative is aimed at resolving this issue “in one hit”, but if adopted, this amendment will not be able to change the superiority of the S-400 over its American counterparts.

Russia and Turkey signed a multi-billion dollar contract for the supply of S-400 Triumph air defense systems in 2017. The deal caused sharp discontent from the United States. Washington threatened Ankara with sanctions, and then expelled her from the F-35 fighter program.

On April 30, an official representative of the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalyn announced the suspension of the transaction on the supply of S-400 systems due to the coronavirus.