The fall of Seattle. Six Quarters Proclaimed in the United States

11 months ago

The longer the People’s Republic is in Seattle, the worse for Trump. And the mayor is quite happy with the riots,

US President Donald Trump spoke very sharply about the situation in Seattle. According to the American leader, the city is captured by “internal terrorists.”

“Get your city back now”
On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle, which is, of course, controlled by radical left-wing Democrats.” According to the president, the protesters are “taunting” Washington State Governor Jay Insley and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durcan.

“Get your city back now. These terrible anarchists need to be stopped immediately, ”Trump addressed the local authorities.

Seattle’s 800,000th largest city in the northwestern United States and the state of Washington is in turmoil after Black George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis.
Events in Seattle are developing according to a radical scenario – the authorities have lost control over part of the city blocks.

Seattle Police Department’s eastern section is captured by protesters. In addition, he occupied six city blocks declared the Autonomous Region of Capitol Hill (CHAZ), declaring this territory free from the police, the National Guard and other official groups.

Socialist Revolution Comrade Savant
Protesters also occupied the Seattle City Hall, demanding the resignation of Mayor Jenny Durcan. According to local media, the seizure of the city hall was supported by a member of the city council, Kshama Savant.

Savant is an activist of the “Socialist Alternative” movement, a member of the Trotskyist International Socialist Alternative. In 2013, having won elections to the Seattle City Council, she became the first socialist representative in the city’s governing structures since 1877.

Savant calls for going beyond the two-party system, building an independent party of the working class, nationalization of large corporations, social ownership of the means of production and democratic socialism. Now she is pushing the revolution in a single city to the best of her ability.

However, it would be wrong to call the Seattle uprising a socialist uprising. Capitol Hill captured by the protesters is the center of club life, as well as a place where counterculture representatives and members of the LGBT community gather.

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