10 months ago

The Fat Sphinx became the star of social networks after the video, where he sits in the “human” pose

10 months ago

The extremely puffy sphynx cat literally woke up famous – thanks to a charming video made by his mistress

Yana Martinka from Vienna (Austria) recorded a funny video that quickly collected more than 35 thousand likes on Instagram. On record, the 6-year-old sphinx, nicknamed Amsterdam, sits with outstretched paws and assuming a completely human pose. Nearby settled 3-year-old Neytiri, watching with interest the fellow who weighs – neither more nor less – 7.5 kg.

From the side it seems that Amsterdam is meditating – and even Martinka calls him “Little Buddha” in her post. “It seemed to me that it would be very funny and in a special way if they were seen like that. – says Yana – He sits like that because there is an infrared heater on the wall nearby. My cats love to sleep there. ”

Yana is the proud owner of several cats at once, leading a social blog photo blog where thousands of subscribers daily learn news from the life of a woman’s pets. Needless to say: the charming Amsterdam is their favorite.


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