The fate of those detained at the party with naked models in Dubai has been determined

2 weeks ago

The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s Office has determined the fate of detainees at a party with nude models on the balcony of one of the towers – they will all be deported. This was reported by the media center of the government of Dubai in the Twitter-account.

According to a statement by Dubai Attorney General Essam Issa Al Humaidan, the prosecutor’s office has completed its investigation into the incident. The detainees were charged with public indecency and possession of pornographic images for the purpose of producing pornographic material and have been imprisoned pending completion of the investigation. No time frame for the deportation was specified, however.

On Saturday, April 3, videos and pictures of a nude photo shoot on the balcony of a popular hotel appeared on social networks – more than ten girls posed for the camera completely naked. The images outraged the public, and on the same day, law enforcement authorities detained the models.

It was initially reported that the girls were citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. However, it later became known that there were no Russians among the detainees. The girls faced up to six months imprisonment and a fine for violating UAE laws on decency.

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