The fate of Trump and Putin’s conversation tapes revealed

The fate of Trump and Putin's conversation tapes revealed

The incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump “confiscated” recordings of an interpreter who was present at his 2017 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg.

It is specified that the American leader ignored the law, which requires the preservation of documents, and often tore and threw away important papers. After that, White House staff had to spend hours piecing together documents. Because of this, the agency notes, there is a risk that there will be gaps in the history of Trump’s presidency.

“He was told to stop doing that, but he didn’t want to stop,” the report quotes former White House archives analyst Solomon Larty as saying.

The law requires the head of state to retain records, but the president can ignore that requirement. Trump’s failure to comply with the law does not threaten him with consequences.

The day before it was reported that the European Union (EU) plans to reduce the “dominance of the dollar” in the world market after the era of U.S. President Donald Trump. It is specified that the relevant issue will be raised a few days before the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

The inauguration of the new U.S. President Biden will be held on January 20. In the presidential election held in November 2020, he defeated incumbent President Donald Trump.