The fifth mysterious monolith was discovered in the Netherlands

The fifth mysterious monolith was discovered in the Netherlands

Another monolith was found in a nature reserve in the Netherlands, and it is still unknown who is behind it.

Another metal monolith was found – this time in the Dutch reserve, in the middle of a frozen puddle, the Independent wrote.

The structures have attracted readers around the world since the first monolith was first discovered in the Utah desert by government officials when they were counting sheep from a helicopter.

Although the original statue was removed by “unknowns” only a few days later, on November 28, clear copies appeared on a mountain top in California and on a hillside in Romania.

But even this did not last long.

The Romanian statue mysteriously disappeared overnight after four days, while the California monolith was quickly attacked by an angry group of Christian conspiracy theorists, who drove for five hours to demolish it and replace it with a cross to “tell the alien rulers that they are not welcome.

But in recent days, the mystery has not disappeared: at least two statues were found by pedestrians – on the beach of the Isle of Wight and in a nature reserve in the Netherlands.

And although officials have not yet confirmed its existence, on Monday, there were reports of a golden monolith in Colombia.

In the Netherlands, local media reported that there were no traces leading to the steel object, and it is unclear how the statue appeared in the Kickenberg Nature Reserve, near the town of Audehorn.

The TV channel Omrop Frislan suggested that the statue could have been here for some time because ice had formed around it.

“It was a large shiny metal structure,” Theis de Yong said in an interview with the channel. “I approached it, but nothing was visible around the monolith. It was like it had been placed on top. Of course, it took two or more people to put it there.

Although it is not yet possible to say who is responsible for each of the monoliths, a group of the most famous artists in Santa Fe claimed their rights to 2 statues found in the U.S. and sells three copies for 45,000 dollars (£ 34,000) each.

Meanwhile, fans of the series “Space Odyssey” by Arthur Clarke and Stanley Kubrick films noted their similarities with the monolithic structures around which the extraterrestrial plot is concentrated.

Some experts suggested that the find in the Netherlands may have been a support left behind by the nearby film World of the Wild West.

A religious philosopher and UFO expert, Taede Smedes, said the newspaper said he and his associates believed it was probably a marketing move or an art project.

“Of course, it could be that it is. imitators who want to be part of the success of [the first statue],” said Smedes. “Or there’s someone with a lot of money, and next week we’ll hear it’s an ad for a new movie or something from McDonalds.