10 months ago

The first black US billionaire spoke of disappointment in Biden

10 months ago

The first black billionaire in US history, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Johnson, spoke about how he became disillusioned with the most likely Democratic candidate in the upcoming elections, former vice president Joe Biden. His words on Friday, June 26, leads The Hill.

According to Johnson, Biden’s phrase about black voters, said during an interview in late May, was the worst statement among politicians in recent years and caused the strongest rejection. According to the billionaire, a remark by the former vice president indicates that he takes the support of black voters for granted and sees African Americans as an appendage of the Democratic Party.

Johnson added that he had not yet decided who he would vote for in the election, but acknowledged that the current US president, Donald Trump, had managed to reduce black unemployment to a record low. “He took on the solution to one of the biggest problems that African Americans face,” the billionaire explained.

At the same time, in his opinion, black US citizens should create their own independent party based on the Black Lives Matter movement. Moreover, the new political organization will first of all be guided by the interests of African Americans, and not focus on its political allies from the Democratic or Republican parties. In particular, Johnson recalled the Congressional Black Caucus slogan put forward in 1971: “Black Americans should have no permanent friends or constant enemies, only permanent interests.”

On May 23, Biden, in an interview with radio host Lenard McKelvey, known under the pseudonym Charlamagne Tha God, said that he could not call himself black if he supported the incumbent US President Donald Trump. “If it’s difficult for you to decide whether you are for Trump or for me, then you are not black,” the politician said. After some time, he apologized for his statement, admitting that he should not have been such a smart guy and behaved so unceremoniously.

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