The first debate between Trump and Biden was tough

In the United States, the first debate took place between the main candidates – current Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. The meeting was rather scandalous – both used hard-hitting epithets to each other and did not skimp on statements in general.

The presidential candidates held the first campaign debate capable of influencing voters 5 weeks before the elections. Since Trump tried to take the reins into his own hands from the start, the meeting began with a skirmish, and Biden made a reply: “Shut up? It’s not presidential at all. ” The words “liar”, “clown” and “puppy” were also sounded.

Biden also blamed the incumbent for the failure of the fight against coronavirus. “More than 200,000 people have already died, 7 million have fallen ill, and President Trump does not have a plan to fight the pandemic,” the Democrat said. Biden called the rival “the worst president in US history.”

In response, Trump noted: “There is nothing smart about you, Joe. You have achieved nothing in 47 years,” Trump said. He also touched upon the topic of paying taxes from the Democrat’s business and drug problems.