The French military killed one of the leaders of the al-Qaeda terrorist group

11 months ago

French Armed Forces kill Abdelmalek Drukdel, a key Islamist militant, commander in chief of al-Qaeda in North Africa

This is discussed in the material of the international news agency Reuters.

“On June 3, French soldiers, with the support of their local partners, killed Emir Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Abdelmalek Drukdel and several of his closest associates during an operation in northern Mali,” said French Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parley.

Six months ago, the French army joined forces under one command structure to combat ISIS militants in the border areas of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

Druckdell was one of the key militants in North Africa.

He participated in the capture by Islamists of militants in northern Mali until 2013, when France strengthened its position in the region.

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