The funeral of African-American George Floyd will be held in the USA

11 months ago

His death caused protests and pogroms not only in America but also in other countries. Farewell to him lasted several days in different cities. And on the eve of the funeral service was organized in Houston, which, incidentally, are associated with the most unsightly episodes of Floyd’s biography. He was in prison five times for theft and drugs. In the ranks of the gigantic line of those who wanted to say goodbye were status guests, Democrats and Congressmen. Together with all of them, they spent 8 minutes 46 seconds in mournful silence. So much the policeman pressed with his knee on the neck of Floyd, who had fallen to the ground. At the end of a moment of silence, many turned their attention to Nancy Pelosi. The leader of the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives was not able to rise independently. There are a lot of police in the city now, they fear a riot. And against this background, it became known that the former policeman could be released on bail. Its size is 1250000 dollars.

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