The future of smartphones in 2021 revealed

The future of smartphones in 2021 revealed

In 2021 manufacturers of smartphones will pay attention to increasing the speed of processors and battery life, creating wireless recharging sources, improving the screens, as well as supplying the phone with various functions. These trends were highlighted by Denis Kuskov, director of the information-analytical agency Telecom daily in a conversation with the Prime agency.

According to him, the major technology players will introduce wireless charging, abandon cables and offer recharging options by different stations.

In addition, frameless smartphones will be a priority, which will make it possible to increase the screen, its full color and completeness of information presentation.

Kuskov also noted the trend of turning gadgets, which currently perform the functions of a camera, payment device and others, into a source of collecting medical information. “For example, the Apple Watch has a function for measuring oxygen levels, it is already possible to take blood pressure measurements with various devices, as well as an electrocardiogram – so far, in a somewhat snaggy way, but slowly this issue is being solved,” concluded the specialist.

Previously, experts have called the high cost and abuse of 5G the main disadvantages of current smartphones. They were also unhappy that device manufacturers are engaged in an unspoken camera race, seeking to release a smartphone with a large number of lenses. Among other things, the authors were upset by the fast charging power of many smartphones, which stopped near the 20-watt mark.