The girl became infected with coronavirus after the church “COVID party” – and died 2 days after the 17th

A high school student from Fort Myers, Florida, died last month after contracting a coronavirus. The girl at the age of 17 survived cancer, struggled with an autoimmune disease, suffered from obesity and a nervous system disorder. However, Karsin remained an active member of her community, her family wrote. She was a member of the university bowling team in high school and volunteered, excelled at school, and especially enjoyed photography classes.

The Karsin family noted that the girl was “a devout Christian and a follower of Jesus,” and also “actively participated in the work of the Youth Church at the First Meeting of God in Fort Myers.” Thousands of dollars were donated to her family at GoFundMe. “She never cried, complained, or was afraid,” wrote her mother, Carol Branton Davis, in a post posted on one of the fundraising pages. However, experts are confident that the death of the girl could have been prevented.

A Miami-Dade County forensic scientist found that an immunocompromised teenager attended a large church party with about 100 other children, at which she did not wear a mask, and social distance was not respected. After Karsin became ill, almost a week passed before she was taken to the hospital. During this time, her parents gave her hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial medicine advertised by President Donald Trump.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning by then that using this product could cause potentially fatal heart rhythm problems. In a revealing article on the COVID Victims website in Florida, activist Jones, who created an independent coronavirus dashboard, called the church meeting a “COVID party.” She claimed that Branton Davis, the girl’s mother, brought Karsin to the event to “intentionally infect her immunocompromised daughter with the virus.” On June 10, Karsin was one of dozens of young people who attended church meetings. Despite the fact that the report did not contain specific information about the meeting, Rebecca Jones shared photos of the post of June 10 on the page of the First Youth Church on Facebook, advertising the event scheduled for this night, called “Liberation Party.”

The forensic expert wrote that Karsin’s parents gave her azithromycin as a preventative measure from June 10 to 15. An antibiotic combined with hydroxychloroquine has been proposed by Trump as a potential treatment for coronavirus. Karsin felt worse, she began to have headaches, increased pressure and started a light cough. On June 19, Branton Davis noticed that Karsin had “cyanosis” during sleep. Mother connected daughter to grandfather Karsin’s oxygen, which has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Then the parents started giving Karsin hydroxychloroquine. It is unclear whether the girl had a prescription for this drug. Soon, Karsin’s parents took her to a local medical center, where she was transferred to the intensive care unit for children in a nearby children’s hospital and confirmed the presence of coronavirus. Karsin’s parents refused intubation, and instead she began to receive plasma therapy.

On Twitter, Rebecca Jones shared images of posts from the girl’s mother’s profile on Facebook. In one, a woman spoke out in support of the refusal to wear masks; in another, the methods that doctors used to treat Karsin were criticized. “Doctors refuse to give her hydroxychloroquine, citing the fact that“ new studies ”say that the drug does not work and can be harmful. Its use is contrary to hospital policy. – the message says. “This upsets me very much, as many of you know about my position on this issue.”