The girl cheerleader was bitten by a snake, which she only learned about after watching the video of her training

12 months ago

A girl from her sports team’s cheerleading group in Houston, Texas, USA, who said she just wanted to record herself when she was doing a few moves, had to go to hospital urgently after being bitten by a snake with a copper-headed shield.

Paris Montgomery from Houston, Texas was working out the backyard of her house. She was practicing cheerleading moves when she decided she stepped on a stick. To her surprise, it turned out it wasn’t a wand, but a snake that bit her right leg.

“Something just started to hurt,” she says. “I didn’t know it was a snake.” Since the girl wanted to videotape her class, the video shows how she found out that she was probably bitten by a snake. You can see how she tried to take away the pain first by lying on the mat a little bit, but obviously the pain didn’t want to go away so she had to stop training and go inside. The girl’s mother took her to the emergency room, where she was given serum against the snake bite.

In an interview with a journalist, the girl said that she took off her shoes to practice and just felt the pain. At first, she didn’t realize it was a snake. She and her mother understood that it was a reptile only in the hospital, when they explained to the doctor what had happened and enlarged the picture on the video. “I wasn’t thinking about the snake, so I thought, ‘Maybe it was stung by a bee,'” recalls Tracy Montgomery’s mom. “So I put some baking soda in the wound. Then the bite site started swelling and turning purple, so we took her to the hospital immediately.”

Now a high school student is likely to check the backyard before starting training. Copperheaded thyroid muzzles are poisonous reptiles, so their bites should be feared.

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