The girl survived the abortion. After 35 years, she tracked down her mother.

10 months ago

42-year-old Melissa from Kansas City, Missouri (USA) always knew that she was adopted. For many years, she thought that her biological parents were just too young to take care of her, and therefore gave her up for adoption. Only at age 19 she found out the truth.

My parents – Ron and Linda never tried to hide the fact of adoption. And this did not sadden me, because my childhood was happy, I always felt that they loved me. I was a “gift” child and never caused any trouble. I also believed that my biological mother gave birth to me as a student and gave me away because I could not bring up and study at the same time. But one night, when I was 14, my older sister let loose: “At least my parents wanted me.”

I cried, and my mother had to explain what my sister meant: I had an unsuccessful abortion.

She said that my biological mother had an abortion at 7 months of pregnancy at the request of her mother (my grandmother). I was supposed to be born without signs of life, but miraculously remained alive. I was “put aside” as medical waste, but two nurses decided to save the baby and were taken to the intensive care unit for newborns. Subsequently, I was transferred to another hospital, where my mom and dad came. At 2.5 months they took me to their home.

Upon learning of this, I was devastated. For several years I experienced this pain again and again, and at 19 I decided to find my biological parents. My mom and dad were wary of this, but I was adamant. For ten years I was looking for at least some clue and in the end I found. I tracked down my father over the Internet and found out where he works. I sent him a letter, but did not receive a response. After 6 months, I read in a local obituary column that my biological father had suddenly passed away at the age of 51. I thought this was the end.

However, this was only the beginning. My father’s family, cleaning up the documents, found that letter and contacted me. So I got a grandfather. And in 2013, I got a call from a woman who called herself the cousin of my biological mother. She always knew about abortion and that I was alive, and she wanted to finally connect me with my mother.

My biological mom’s name is Ruth. She was told about me in August 2007, but for several years she could not find the strength to write to me. And so, thanks to the cousin, this happened. We gradually recognized each other through letters and postcards. I told her about my parents, Ryan’s husband and children, Olivia and Ava. She was grateful to my parents for taking such good care of me, and I was not angry with her, because she knew nothing, like me.

After three years of correspondence, in 2016, I invited her to see each other. She agreed. We met at the zoo and as soon as we saw each other, hugged. Now we see each other all the time because we both live in Kansas City. My children are her grandmother. Mom is now 62 years old.

Both of us still have questions that are not answered, but we know that although I was the main victim in that abortion, my biological mother also suffered. However, now we choose life, love and forgiveness

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