The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in December will affect everyone

The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in December will affect everyone

This December we will see a change in the cycle of Saturn and Jupiter. This is very important because it happens only every 20 years. Experts say that the conjunction of these planets will be special in 2020.

The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will bring many important changes to humanity, both good and bad. This event will also affect each individual’s life individually. Astrologers advise not to share your plans with anyone in the near future.

Peculiarities of Saturn and Jupiter’s movements

The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn align every 20 years, and during this period they are very close to each other in the night sky. This is called the conjunction of the planets. Their conjunction in 2020 will occur on December 21, and it won’t be an ordinary conjunction.

The point is that they will come very close, about as close as they came together nearly 800 years ago, in 1226. This is called the great conjunction or the great alignment.

The planets will be only 0.1 degree apart, as they were on March 4, 1226, an incredibly small distance. In clear weather, the planets will be visible to the naked eye. From some angles, it will appear to be one big planet. The conjunction will be current for about three weeks.

The astrological meaning of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
The conjunction of the two largest planets is always an important event, because it only happens once every 20 years. Many schools of astrology believe that at such times, there is a shift in priorities and energy flows. In 2020, an entire era will change.

While visually the conjunction will be active for about three weeks, astrologically it will not just affect us all, it will change the course of history. Most likely, like 800 years ago, we will be facing big political changes, a restructuring of the world. In the coming years, some nations may disappear from the face of the earth and new ones will emerge.

During the past great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Genghis Khan’s empire was developing and growing. Perhaps some country will conquer others, but no longer with weapons and aggression, but with wit and cunning. Some experts believe it will be China.

In many countries a change of power and direction of development is possible. In some, this is already happening now. In others, it will probably happen in the next few years.

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will make the next few months very important in science, information technology, and the Internet. We can expect new inventions and breakthroughs in medicine, high technology, electronics, and engineering.