The guy was kept on guard and killed in Brooklyn. He left a cryptic message

A guy from New York died at the hands of an unknown shooter who kept his taxi in one of Brooklyn’s districts. A few hours before his death, he left a frightening post on Facebook. In a short note, the victim jokingly asked “not to kill him.”

Tracy Washington, 21, died Monday, June 29, at around 18:10. The attacker was waiting for a guy at Dean St. in Brooklyn – and opened fire on a taxi in which he rode as soon as he got out. After that, Washington tried to escape, but the unknown caught up with him and shot him in the middle of the street. According to police, the taxi driver who drove Tracy survived only by miracle.

Just nine hours before the tragedy, Washington published a post that today has gathered more than 1,200 reposts. “Found a new job at a construction site. – the guy said shortly. “I hope she won’t kill me.” Washington’s grandmother, 71-year-old Mabel, told the Daily News that on the evening of her death, a mysterious bell strongly influenced her grandson’s plans. The guy was going to a completely different place and was already getting in a taxi when he suddenly got a call – forcing him to change his destination.

The woman is sure that the murder was carefully planned. Tracey’s twin sister, Stacy Washington, added that she cannot even imagine anyone who would like to harm her brother. “He was a good man. Said Stacy. “I can’t understand why anyone should kill him.” The only thing I want now is to find out who did it. ”