The hamster was on the verge of extinction

The common hamster was recognized as an animal species that is on the verge of extinction

This was reported in the updated lists of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

It is noted that the main problems faced by the common hamster are climate change, new methods of farming, as well as light pollution.

Moreover, a few decades ago, the hamster was so widespread in the fields of Asia and Europe that it was considered a dangerous pest and was subject to destruction. In recent years, the number of species has declined sharply, and from some European countries it has disappeared altogether.

At the moment, the hamster is given the status of a species that is on the verge of extinction – the highest conservation status for wildlife populations.

Before this, the hamster was assigned to the species that cause the least concern and this is an incredibly quick change of status. In particular, the status of the common hamster is now leveled with the status of a black rhino and saiga antelope.

According to experts, the main reason for the reduction in the number of hamsters is a change in agricultural activities. Monoculture fields have become widespread in Europe, pesticides are also being used more and more, which make the environment unsuitable for a hamster.

It is reported that at the moment the hamster is almost extinct in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Scientists propose moving it to these countries from eastern Europe and Asia, where the population of the species remains relatively wide.