The Japanese found rubber crumbs in a Pfizer vaccine

Doctors in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture found foreign substances in Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. This was announced by Katsunobu Kato, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers.

He said authorities contacted the manufacturer and were told there was “very likely a rubber chip from the cap of the ampule,” which may have been produced by improper needle-piercing – the Ministry of Health recommends that the needle go through the cap strictly at right angles.

The company added that similar incidents had occurred with the vaccine produced by Moderna. They assured that this in no way affects the safety of the drugs.

Earlier, two people died after being vaccinated with Moderna in Japan. The men, aged 30 and 38 years old, had received a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine a few days before their deaths. They had used preparations from one of those batches in which impurities were found. The exact cause of death is being determined.

Reports about the quality of the drug came from eight vaccination centers in five prefectures of the country. At the time, about 1.63 million doses were suspended. Japan is also vaccinating with drugs from AstraZeneca and a consortium of Pfizer and BioNTech.