The largest protest took place in the USA – tens of thousands took to the streets

11 months ago

Tens of thousands of people walked through the streets of cities in the largest protests in the United States after the murder of African American George Floyd.

Protesters rallied after the death of George Floyd 10 days ago, and the number of people is growing every day. This weekend, the biggest rallies against police brutality and racial injustice are taking place everywhere. In the capital, a huge number of people rally near the Lincoln Memorial and near the White House – they endure the heat, wear masks and sing in unison.

“I don’t care if I lose my life, if it means that my nephews don’t have to deal with someone who is robbing them of their color,” says Filomena Wankenge, founder of the Fightom Fighters activist group.

Major protests also took place in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago. A farewell ceremony with George Floyd took place in North Carolina.

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