The latest Russian ion engine will be a problem for the United States

Chinese analysts on the pages of the publication Sohu talked about how Russia’s creation of an ion engine can affect the balance of power on the world stage, PolitRossiya reports. Earlier it became known that in Russia another stage of testing the ID-200 KR ion engine, which was created at the Keldysh Center, was successfully completed.

“The power of the Russian ion engine is 3 kW, and the specific impulse of traction is 4,500 seconds. This power unit can be used to correct the orbit of spacecraft, as well as when traveling to remote corners of space, ”said Chinese observers.
So far, little details about this development. Only two key parameters were named, and the remaining characteristics are kept secret by developers. Although the power of this ion engine may seem small, nevertheless, it will be enough to adjust the flight path of a small spaceship. In addition, it is very economical, which is extremely important for long-term work in orbit.

Experts believe that the ID-200 KR developers were able to increase its fuel efficiency while increasing traction. They also suggested that Russian experts are working on the possibility of using ion engines on nuclear energy. And if this succeeds, then the United States will have to work hard to surpass this technology.