The lawyer found dead believed to be the murderer of a federal judge’s son

he lawyer who was found dead has been identified as the prime suspect in the shooting at the home of federal judge Esther Salas.

The lawyer, who was found dead on Monday, is the suspected shooter who killed Salas’ son, the New Jersey attorney’s office said. The FBI identified Roy Den Hollander as the “primary subject” and stated he was dead. The cause of death was gunshot wounds, an initial examination showed.

Hollander served as an attorney in one of the Salas cases. He rang the doorbell of the Salas house, disguised as a postman, and began shooting at his son and husband. On his website, he described himself as an “anti-feminist” lawyer who defends “men’s rights”.

Judge’s son Daniel Anderl, a 20-year-old Catholic University student, was killed and Mark Anderl’s husband was wounded. Salas herself was unharmed.