The life and death of President Trump. Is America Ready for the Worst Case

After the news of the infection of US President Donald Trump with COVID-19, the American public asked the question: how will the election campaign develop and who will lead the country if Trump loses the battle with the disease?
The disease of the American leader with the coronavirus is acquiring more and more details. Sources of The Wall Street Journal reported that US President Donald Trump withheld information about the positive result of the first rapid test, and on the Fox News TV channel, when he already knew about it, he mentioned only the illness of his adviser Hope Hicks.

Moreover, he then said to one of his advisers: “Don’t tell anyone.”

On October 2, before being sent to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, located in the suburbs of Washington, Trump was given oxygen. The media immediately picked up the news and, referring to their sources, began to write that the vital testimony of the president over the past 24 hours was very alarming, and the next 48 hours will become critical.

Then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said that the American leader’s health indicators that day were very worrying. Hearing these words, Trump, according to the New York Times, was very unhappy that information about his health was exaggerated. Meanwhile, the President’s physician Sean Conley said that doctors assess Trump’s condition with cautious optimism. Patient # 1’s treatment plan includes taking vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin, the antiviral drug Remdesivir, and he was also vaccinated with an experimental serum based on antibodies.

At a press conference on October 4, Johns Hopkins Hospital physician Brian Garibaldi said: “The President’s condition continues to improve. Our plan for today is for him to drink, eat, be out of bed as much as possible, be mobile. If he continues to look and feel as good as he does today, we hope we can discharge him tomorrow and he can continue his treatment at the White House. ”

Power Remains Under Trump

On October 4, Trump posted a video message to compatriots on his Twitter page, in which he said: “This is a very interesting journey. I have learned a lot about COVID. I really went to school and found out. This is a real school, with real textbooks. I realize, I understand this. I will tell you about it. “

Now, having fallen ill himself, he will not be able, as before, to deny the existence of the coronavirus and hope that it will disappear by itself as warm weather approaches. Trump is now one of 35 million people with COVID-19 worldwide and 7.6 million people in the United States.

In the same address, the President announced a conversation with his supporters who gathered near the hospital to support him during his treatment. True, at the moment when the video appeared on Twitter, it had already taken place. NBC broadcast footage of Trump, sitting in a car with closed windows, waving at the crowd, along with US Secret Service officers in the cabin. All of them, including the president, were wearing medical masks. The cortege drove along the blocked avenue and returned to the hospital.

This behavior was criticized by the physician of the Walter Reed military hospital James Phillips: “The presidential SUV is not only not bulletproof, but also hermetically protected from any chemical attack. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 internally is as high as without medical compliance. Such irresponsibility is amazing. They can get sick. And they may well die. For the sake of a political theater production. Trump ordered them to risk their lives for this. This is madness”.

White House spokesman Judd Deere defended the president. He said the doctors had allowed Trump to go to greet supporters, they said it was safe, and stressed that all necessary precautions, including personal protective equipment, were followed during the trip.

Such agility of the president is understandable. A month before the election, Trump is forced to go into a 2-week quarantine, and this is in conditions when he lags behind his Democrat opponent Joe Biden by 8.1%. All public events with the participation of the head of state, the Republican campaign headquarters, of course, had to be temporarily postponed, and after all, personal meetings with voters are Trump’s strong point.

In his first video message, published from the hospital, on October 2, the American president, in the spirit of the Terminator, said: “I’ll be back,” adding that he can’t wait until the election campaign can be completed in the form in which it was originally planned …

In the hospital ward, Trump continues to be actively involved in government affairs. On October 4, in particular, he held a meeting on national security. Head of the State Department Michael Pompeo, who is on a visit to Japan, told reporters that his department is doing everything to ensure that the president is fully aware of everything that is happening in the world.